March 8, 2009

Kendra's Blessingway

Ngan putting flowers in Kendra's braids

Kari braiding Kendra's hair

Maryline putting the final flowers in her hair

Braids and flowers from her friends

Maryline starts the belly drawing

Foot massage and writing on the prayer flag

Ngan and Kari add their artistic touches

Claire draws her contribution

Kendra and Kari

The artist at work

Ngan and Kari drawing on Kendra's belly

Getting creative

Kendra and Claire

Ngan writing on the prayer flag Kendra will take with her to the delivery room. It has encouraging prayers and poems from her friends and family.

Ngan, Kendra, Maryline, Kari, Yannick (Kendra's doula) and Claire

Portraits of Kendra and Mark